Sustainability and Profitability for Company Success

MAMA Ventures actively works with Start-Ups and SMEs and their respective leadership to achieve and maintain business profitability and sustainability. We streamline the company internal processes with the guide of the Entrepreneurship Toolkit.


MAMA works with these businesses to build legacies within the business ecosystem locally and regionally. We focus on a 360-degree approach towards success by a monitoring and evaluation framework to give the companies a crisp outlook to appeal to all markets.


The next phase beyond skills development is built on ensuring that the client business models are lender and investor ready for business continuity.



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MAMA Corporate Volunteering


MAMA works with partners from across the world to design life experiences that allow corporate leaders to nurture their skills and mentor start-ups and SMEs.


We organize these programs to benefit the business leaders by exposing them to different business climates across the world for holistic growth and development.


MAMA works with the global partners to facilitate CSR collaborations and network linkages for the growth of the local companies under our program.



Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time.

– Jamie Dimon, President and CEO of JP Morgan Chase




An innovation strategy is about creating winning products, which means products that are in an attractive market, target a profitable customer segment, address the right unmet needs, and help customers get a job done better than any competing solution. MAMA works with various businesses to take over the market in the background.


MAMA fundamentally works with all levels of management to rethink their businesses around a clear—though not always obvious—customer need, then realigning your resources, processes and profit formula with this new value proposition. We develop a guide that helps companies maintain their pace.



We work with certified NLP trainers to incorporate different behavioral techniques to the entrepreneurs and organizational leaders. This ensures that the people we work with are making active conscious decisions that contribute to overall success.



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