An impact venture builder for
female founders in East Africa.

Our Approach
We work with the founders to build future businesses today. We bring founders, ideas and capital together and provide operational support with our team of technical experts.
We use our execution experience, capital, and relationships to build valuable businesses that matter to our customers and impact that meets the community needs.
We are conscious builders. We get deeply immersed in every project we’re involved with, and complement profit with impact to add value to the communities that consume the products and services we build.

We make

dreams work

Our Core Activities

We Brainstorm and Ideate with Innovators

We Test and Iterate Ideas

Shaping the Business Model

Seeking Funding & Growth Partners

We Screen Patents & Contracts

We Create Cross Venture Synergies

Our Partners

““Mama Ventures has been one of the most significant lighthouses on Crenovate Technologies’ startup journey. It is at their networking meetups that we were warmly immersed into their rich networks. The value addition was great! We got such amazing value that years later we can still pinpoint a partner whom we have worked with to help us grow; who we met at each of their events.
Not only has the exposure to a wide variety of professionals helped us grow as a brand; but it's also through Kitawa’s guidance, that enabled our team to not only amass a great wealth of knowledge in business finance and operations but also to fundraise for one of our biggest projects in 2020! We not only hit our funds drive target, but we exceeded the target amount by 70%! “”

Jonathan ThuoCrenovate Technologies

““My name is Ann Nyakinyua Gathura, I met Kitawa Wemo at Nailab for The Next Economy Program, she was my trainer on Entrepreneurship skills and she really helped me coz at first I was confused whether to join Entrepreneurship or Employability track and she really encouraged me to join the Entrepreneurship track where she trained me on how to start a business where we had to fill the Canvas, how to manage finances, the legal aspect in business and also taxes.
After the training Nailab gave us an opportunity to crowdfund and she took us through the process and during the campaign she would call me and encourage me to keep on and I managed to have a successful campaign.
She also helped me start my business which I will be launching come 2020, which I am very thankful and grateful.
She has been my trainer and more of a mentor to me. I love her focus, consistency and determination. Thank you Kitawa. “

Ann Nyakinyua GathuraSkyWay Influencer Academy

““I’d like to take this chance to thank you madam Kitawa for being such a remarkable entrepreneurship lecturer. I’m grateful for your patience and knowledge in all things business and startup which over the last 5 months of interacting with you, you have done your very best to pass down to me. Also, I appreciate the countless friendly email reminders that you have been sending us about various events and opportunities. It has been a really great time with you as our teacher at the entrepreneurship class during the next economy sessions. From your classes I was able to successfully crowd fund for my business 'MALQIYA COSMETICS' in addition to developing a proper business plan for my business. I appreciate all the efforts you put into every lesson. I hope that you continue with this noble mission of holding the hands of young entrepreneurs to greater heights. Wishing you the very best and a prosperous new year."”

Phoebe MataraMalqiya Cosmetics

“ “As a student under Kitawa Wemo, abstract business ideas became practical tips that could be applied in the everyday setting. Advice was the best given that it was custom to each business’ situation. Her suggestions help open one’s eyes to the opportunities available and the different approaches an individual can take to get to the opportunities.
Any prospective student of Wemo’s will have a great teacher who will make the concept of running a business realistic and understandable. It was great learning under her, and it is even better knowing that she is open to further communication for help even when one is done with the program.”

Achieng’ OsanjoKadzo’s Planet

““She never told me what to do. Neither did she show me. She just helped me understand that the power is within me. That's all everyone needs, to understand. Because once you understand you can go anywhere and do anything. Now I'm going places and doing things,”

as House of Bunniesrepresented by Michelle

““My internship in Kenya was a good learning experience that I enjoyed. My tasks included calculating the numbers to analyze the performance of the finance apps, as well as did research about some apps. Not only did the experience let me apply my knowledge on current news about Africa and beyond, but it also gave me a firsthand look into how the development of Kenya. It is a good experience working in Kenya with Kiki’s team.”

Xinyu ZhouBusiness student from University of Swansea

““Before being under the mentorship of Ms. Kitawa Wemo, I only had a business idea. No capital for financing the idea and not so much information on how to go about it.
Six months down the line, I am happy that ClimGric Africa has picked up. We are registered and we are fully operational now. She assisted us in crowdfunding to kickstart ClimGric Africa, mentored us through the whole process while we were still an idea. If we were to choose a mentor again, we would still go with Ms. Kitawa.”

Rahab LumumbaFounder - ClimGric Africa

““I am really thankful for Kiki who provided this chance to me.
I am Emily and currently study in UK. I spent one month in the Alternative Circle of Kenya, which was an interesting experience. I learned a lot of soft skills, for example, how to work with different people who come from different places, how to provide a professional report to managers. Apart from this, we kept a clear balance between entertainment and work.
It was fabulous to see wild animals and get close to the natural environment.
I enjoyed the experience and worked hard during those months learning about Kenya and indeed Africa and looking at problems and thinking of new solutions almost every day. Eventually, after some months, I concluded my report along with giving a presentation and list of recommendations. It was a good chance to think out of box.””

Emily YifanUniversity of Swansea

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