Idea Sourcing

We act as a catalyst to support female founders in Africa with the resources to take their idea to market

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MAMA Ventures is an impact venture builder in Nairobi, Kenya, focused on people and impact for growth for female founders in Africa. (people-first, impact-centric)

We match your vision as a founder with a competent team and reliable resources to support your innovation.

We leverage our market knowledge, broad network and in-house resources to grow your idea into a viable business.

We work in emerging markets to make up for the patchy ecosystem to grow the human and financial capital for sustainable business

Here's What We Offer

0-3+ years of operational support

We run an immersion program for the core team to streamline operations for profit and growth. This includes equipping the team with pitching and management skills to grow the business.

Idea sourcing

Using the MAMA Design Kit, we use human centered design to ideate and implement solutions

Talent sourcing

Through the Global Impact Program we support businesses with a pool of remote talent from across the world to complement the core team.

Resource Support

Using the MAMA Entrepreneurship Toolkit, we track your business performance metrics to meet global standards

Venture Building as a Service

A product that we offer to corporate entities to create disruptive products that redefine the pre-existing methods


We have a team of committed mentors to guide and help you meet your business goals

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